Nov 08

Kanger Tech Areotech Turbo on the Hades 26650

Introducing the Kanger Aerotank Turbo! The largest of its kind. Its food grade steel and durable Pyrex glass tank make it the Aerotank Turbo huge, allowing its tank to hold 6.0 mL of e-liquid, but with duel quad atomizers, it needs the space The Kanger Aerotank turbo has an improved airflow valve to easily control the vape flow.

Product Details:

  • 2 dual coils
  • 6.0 mL capacity
  • Large adjustable air valve
  • SUS304 grade steel
  • Replaceable Pyrex glass tank
  • Adjustable battery connector
  • Approximately 30mm x 78mm circumference

I have been waiting for this one. This tank is unlike any other that we have or I have even seen. It is like a Drip tank with atomizers. Which if you know me it is right up my alley. But first the mod that I was using it on.

I paired it with the Hades 26650 because of its size. When reviewing mechanical mods the only thing that I have issues with normally is the lock. And that is the case with the Hades. It is a great mod, but I had issues with the lock out ring a couple times. I can look over it as it was not that big of an issue. Originally I had wanted to test it on the Panzer mod, but since the Hades was the first 26650 that we got into the store I had to use that.

The Turbo is a nice tank. Since it uses 2 atomizers, what ever ohms you choose you will have to divide that in half. It comes loaded with 2.0 ohms and comes with a 2nd set of 1.8. But Kanger knows what they were doing, they recently released .8 Ohms and 1.0 Ohms. So I did test it with the 2.0Ω for about 2 hours, (it read 1.01Ω on the ohms reader) I ended up switching to 1.0 Ohms and man the vapor and the Flavor. It is like a Drip tank with out the work of building your own coils. But with that much vapor you will have to reduce your Nicotine level I went from 18, down to 6.  The airflow control ring is very easy to change on the fly, and it does have very nice airflow. But once I tried it wide open I had no need to ever change it again.

Pros: Flavor, Airflow, Tank Size.

Cons: The only con I can come up with after 2 days of Vaping on this is the Release ring to fill the tank is hard to put back on if the tank is still attached to the mod. Its not that big of a deal, but it did frustrate me once or twice. Oh and you have to be careful when you vape and drive the amount of vapor will blind you in the car. :)

The Turbo is 49.99 and the Hades is 59.99 (as shown in the picture)


Big Tobacco Has Officially Lost Its Hold on the E-Cigarette Market | Motherboard.


Sep 26

Review: Vamo V5

Today we are going to start a Review Section. :)  And if you know me you know I have to start it with the Vamo V5.  It is not the most expensive mod we have but by far the most bang for the buck. I should know this is all I have used.

The new Vamo V5 utilizes the popular V2 body style with an upgraded V3 PCB and OLED screen and the ability to unscrew the top cap. The Vamo V5 is a feature rich variable voltage / wattage mod. This V5 now features better metal buttons, a different battery spring and a new raised 510 connection. In variable voltage mode, the mod can go from 3V to 6V in .1V increments. In variable wattage mode, the mod can go from 3.0W to 15W in .5W increments. It can work with 1pc 18650 battery, or 2pcs 18350 batteries, or 1pc 18350 battery.

  • Built in OLED display showing menu, function and selection
  • Variable Wattage – can be adjustable from 3.0W to 15.0W (in .5W increments)
  • Variable Voltage – can be adjustable from 3.0V to 6.0V (in .1V increments)
  • Maximum current output: 5A
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Check atomizer/clearomizer/cartomizer resistance(1.5-5.0ohm)
  • Thermal Monitoring
  • Time limit protection function
  • Bottom vent hole
  • 510/eGo threading connector
  • Compatible with 510 and eGo threaded atomizers/clearomizers/cartomizers
  • Can be powered by 1*18350 battery/2*18350 batteries/1*18650 battery

I give it a Thumbs up. :)

Sep 26


Well turns out that we can not transfer our Yelp reviews over to this new site. When you move your reviews dont. :) So I have reset up the new yelp page and will be just moving forward from here.


Sep 04

E-Cigarettes rejuvenate tobacco smoker’s lungs: leaked study

Since they don’t have a source…. Not sure if it is real. But from what we have seen at the shop… Sounds right.